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Mac OS X tips Find & Scan Wireless Networks from the Command Line in Mac OS X sudo ln -s /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport /usr/sbin/airport airport -s Reindexing Spotlight from the Command Line Reindexing Spotlight from the command line is done with the mdutil tool, first launch Terminal and then type: sudo mdutil -E / This will reindex […]

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Setup Workspace On Mac OS X Lion

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Setup Workspace On Mac OS X Lion Software Update Click Apple () menu, choose Software Update Change System Preferences Click Apple () menu, choose System Preferences Trackpad Tap to click Scroll direction: natural Mouse Adjust Tracking Speed to max Keyboard Keyboard Shortcuts Full Keyboard Access: In windows and dialogs, press Tab to move keybiard focus […]


Binding Multiple IP Addresses on the Same Network Interface

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Binding Multiple IP Addresses on the Same Network Interface Add new address

Remove alias address


MacOSX Services使用技巧

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MacOSX Services使用技巧 在MacOSX中利用Services快速完成某些工作,下面我举几个小例子演示一下。 简繁字转换 在文本编辑器中选中需要转换的文字后点击桌面左上角的编辑器名 -> Services -> Text -> Convert Selected Simplified Chinese Text 快速把文档当作附件发送 在Finder中选中文件后点击桌面左上角的Finder -> Services -> Messaging -> New Email With Attachment 使用Textmate打开文件夹 打开Automator新建Service,在Actions中搜索Open Finder Items,双击或者把“Open Finder Items”拖动到右边,在右边的Open with:中选中Textmate,保存为Open in TextMate。 之后有需要新项目需要用TextMate打开,就可以直接掉用Services了。 Finder -> Services -> Files and Folders -> Open in TextMate 附: Textmate官网提供了一个Finder中的Toolsopen in textmate from finder,用这个工具也挺方便的。 安装好后在Finder中选中要打开的Folder,点击OpenInTextMate即可。

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MacOSX使用opensnoop跟踪进程使用情况 opensnoop参数如下:



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清除本机dns缓存的方法 Windows下使用ipconfig/release, ipconfig/renew命令 Mac OS X使用dscacheutil -flushcache命令


防止Mac Os X使用dhcp时修改hostname的方法

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防止Mac Os X使用dhcp时修改hostname的方法 在/etc/hostconfig中增加HOSTNAME项,这样可以阻止使用dhcp时,hostname经常被更改的问题。 使用命令行的方式修改


在桌面上修改hostname的方法: Launch ‘System Preferences’ Click the ‘Sharing’ icon Type in what you want your Mac’s new computer name to be

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定制MacOSX ls颜色

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定制MacOSX ls颜色 习惯了linux的ls颜色,不适应MacOSX终端中的ls颜色修改了ls颜色使用的默认环境变量,跟linux有些接近了。 首先增加一个


LSCOLORS from man ls: LSCOLORS The value of this variable describes what color to use for which attribute when colors are enabled with CLICOLOR. This string is a concatenation of pairs of the format fb, where f is the fore- ground color and b is the background color. […]


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