OpenShift Command Line Interface

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OpenShift Command Line Interface

  1. Working With Domains

    1. Creating a Domain

      rhc domain create -n DomainName -l rhlogin -p password [OptionalParameters]
    2. Deleting a Domain

      rhc domain show -l rhlogin
      rhc app destroy -a  -l rhlogin
      rhc domain destroy -n  -l rhlogin
  2. Viewing User Information

    rhc domain show -l rhloging
  3. Creating Applications

    Supported app types:

    • nodejs-0.6
    • jbossas-7
    • python-2.6
    • jenkins-1.4
    • ruby-1.8
    • diy-0.1
    • php-5.3
    • perl-5.10

      rhc app create -a appName -t appType

    Using Arbitrary DNS Names

    rhc app add-alias -a racer --alias ""
    rhc app remove-alias -a racer --alias ""
  4. Managing Applications

    rhc app  -a ApplicationName [Optional Arguments]

    Table Application management command argument options

    Option Details
    start Start an application in the cloud.
    stop Stop an application that is currently running in the cloud.
    restart Restart an application in the cloud.
    reload Reload an application in the cloud.
    status Display the current status of an application in the cloud.
    destroy Remove an application from the cloud.
  5. Using Cartridges

    rhc-ctl-app -L

    Database Cartridges

    • MySQL Database 5.1 — MySQL is a multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server
    • MongoDB NoSQL Database 2.0 — MongoDB is a scalable, high-performance, open source NoSQL database
    • PostgreSQL Database 8.4 — PostgreSQL is an advanced Object-Relational database management system

    Management Cartridges

    • phpMyAdmin 3.4 — phpMyAdmin is a web-based MySQL administration tool
    • RockMongo 1.1 — RockMongo is a web-based MongoDB administration tool
    • Jenkins Client 1.4 — a client for managing Jenkins-enabled applications
    • Cron 1.4 — Cron is a daemon that runs specified programs at scheduled times
    • OpenShift Metrics 0.1 — OpenShift Metrics is an experimental cartridge for monitoring applications
  6. Managing Applications in a Shell Environment

    Viewing Application Information

    $ rhc domain show
    Application Info
        Framework: php-5.3
         Creation: 2011-12-07T01:07:33-05:00
             UUID: 0bd9d81bfe0a4def9de47b89fe1d3543
          Git URL: ssh://
       Public URL:

    Opening a Shell Environment for an Application Node

    $ ssh
    Warning: Permanently added ',' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
        Welcome to OpenShift shell
        This shell will assist you in managing openshift applications.
        type "help" for more info.
    [ ~]\>


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